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There are several ways to evaluate the Makana Motivator Pro. Considering its price, implementation, features, and customer feedback, it is important to understand the pros and cons of this software. For additional information, you can visit the Makana Solutions website. Read through the Customer Reviews to understand the benefits of this tool. You can also find the solution you need by reading the online forums. Makana Solutions has also created an online community for Motivator Pro users. You can join this community to ask questions, exchange tips, and get assistance.


If you are an entrepreneur or running a small business, you probably want to automate the process of designing and administering incentive compensation plans. This cloud-based incentive compensation software allows small and medium-sized businesses to easily design, manage, and communicate incentive compensation plans. Its features include a Plan Wizard, best practice recommendations, modeling tools, and commission calculations. The software even makes it easy to produce graphical commission agreements and performance reports.


Every business exists to sell something. However, many small businesses fly by the seat of their pants, relying on trial and error. In fact, the success or failure of your sales team is directly related to how you compensate them. In this article, Liz Cobb, the founder and CEO of Makana Solutions, shares some tips for creating an effective compensation plan and discusses her favorite sales tool, the Makana Motivator.


Goal intentions are more abstract and general, whereas implementation intentions are concrete and procedural. To understand the differences between the two, let’s consider some examples of each. A goal intention can be anything, from a desire to a specific outcome. For example, a goal intention can be something as simple as a positive attitude. Implementation intentions, by contrast, are more specific, procedural, and specific to a particular group or person.

Customer reviews

If you are looking for a software solution for your sales compensation, Makana Motivator may be the answer. This software is an on-demand sales compensation planning application from Makana Solutions. Like Makana Motivator Express, Makana Motivator Pro is a planning-only application that enables sales managers to build compensation plans and calculate bonuses and commissions. It also offers the option to import data from accounting systems.

Customers who have used this software report that the product improves their sales productivity. However, customers need to know that reviews of software are not always positive. In order to make sure that you get honest feedback, you can ask your customers to leave a review. However, it is not wise to post all negative reviews on a website. In fact, you can remove some of them by checking out TrustRadius. This tool removes cherry-picking from customer reviews.

Integration with self-checkout applications

The benefits of integrating self-checkout applications are many. For example, self-checkout allows customers to complete purchases themselves, saving staff time to perform more valuable work. This can improve customer service and loyalty, helping your bottom line. If you have an existing self-checkout system, you can extend it with additional omnichannel features to offer even more convenience to your customers. Let’s explore some of the benefits of integrating self-checkout applications into your existing store.

In self-checkout applications, the customer scans an item’s UPC bar code to complete the checkout process. The self-checkout core application receives this information and passes it to an emulator module or state engine. This module constructs the proper sequence for the native application of the store and delivers it to the emulation module via an IPC mechanism. The emulation module or self-checkout application then treats the input as though it were being scanned by a cashier-operated terminal.